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José Antonio Martínez Rodríguez
Urban Crime in the Doctrine and the Spanish Court

José Antonio Martínez Rodríguez, born in Arahal (Sevilla), 7 December 1963, Law degree from the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), a practicing Lawyer of the Bar Association of Seville, Diploma in Advanced Studies at the Department of Criminal Law and Procedure at the University of Sevilla, with a rating of Excellent Court unanimously, Master Degree in Occupational Health and Safety, Diploma in Tax Law and Tax Advisory and Management Diploma in Labor and Social Security Center Business Technical Studies, Diploma in Urban and Environmental Law, Diploma in Prison Law, the Bar Association of Seville, he has now developed the doctoral thesis on Criminal Law and Procedure at the University of Seville.


"Crimes relating to land use and urban planning," constitute crimes of significant technical complexity and outstanding social and political importance. In fact, there are frequent convictions homeowners built on undeveloped land, with imprisonment, fine and demolition order for the work illegally built. These judgments represent the clearest evidence of what has been called "the legal battle against the urban wild." The responsibility for this situation corresponds to a large extent, the condescending attitude, if not complicit, in the municipalities that, based on rapid economic growth, but unsustainable and disrespectful nature led many mayors to allow subdivisions and buildings illegal in the forests of oaks on the coast or sea-land, with the hope that the argument of the facts would be enough to stabilize-not dismantle these illegal developments, "he was born without a single paper. Over time, the route has been reversed and some of these mayors and owners have ended before a court, convicted and banned from public office or profession, for committing these crimes.
This is the criminological and socio-political background of the research work that the lawyer D. JOSÉ ANTONIO RODRÍGUEZ MARTÍNEZ, made under my scientific management, with the title: URBAN CRIME IN THE DOCTRINE AND JURISPRUDENCE SPANISH, I have the honor to prologue. The reader is holding an academic research, thorough and rigorous URBAN CRIME, which addresses the criminal, both from the standpoint of modern criminal dogmatics as the prism, more concrete and casuistic, the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court doctrine and the judgments of the provincial courts. The technique of writing of this work has been made, despite the complexity of the matter, and reading, then, is entertaining, understandable and highly recommended for both students and practitioners of public law. Sound conclusions put the finishing touches on a brilliant job jurídicopenal Research, which closes with a practical Legislative Annex on existing legislation on Urban and Regional Planning, both of Community law as state and regional law.

DR. JUAN ANTONIO Marta Nuñez. Professor of Criminal Law at the University of Seville. January 2011. 26 €.

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